Photographic Competition - Results

The results from the seven Classes are:

Class 1: A hardy species rhododendron, truss or spray:  
1st place: R. annae, Myra Usher
2nd place: R. campylogynum Myrtilloides Group AGM, Seamus O’Brien
3rd place: R. hookeri, Seamus O’Brien
Highly Commended: R. rex ssp. fictolacteum AGM, Glynne Jones Commended:  R. cinnabarinum ssp. xanthocodon, Andy & Jenny Fly

Class 1

Class 2: A hardy hybrid rhododendron, truss or spray:
1st place: R. 'Queen of Hearts' FCC, Andy & Jenny Fly
2nd place: R. 'Pink Gin’, Andy & Jenny Fly
3rd place: R. 'John Henry Agnew’, High Beeches, Sarah Bray
Highly Commended: R. 'Sappho' AM, Val Hoppichler
Commended:  R.'Boddaertianum' AM, Alan Pedrick

Class 2 and Centenary Cup winner

Class 3: A tender species or hybrid rhododendron, grown under glass or otherwise, including vireyas, truss or spray:
1st Place: R. 'Ava' (vireya),Roy Bilbie
2nd Place: R. 'Kisses' (vireya),Roy Bilbie
3rd Place: R. laetum (vireya),Andy & Jenny Fly
Highly Commended: R. 'Neesa' (vireya),Roy Bilbie Commended: R. xanthostephanum, Andy & Jenny Fly

Class 3

Class 4: A deciduous azalea, species or hybrid, spray:
1st place: R. ‘Piccolo’, Polly Cooke
2nd place: R. ‘Freya,’   Mark Oddy 
3rd place: R. ‘Puddington’,Ted Brabin 
Highly Commended: R. ‘Il Tasso’ (Nymans Form),Polly Cooke
Commended: R. 'Nicholas de Rothschild', Seamus O’Brien

Class 4

Class 5: An evergreen azalea, species or hybrid, spray:
1st place: R. 'Azuma kagami' (Wilson 16) AM, Pat Bucknell
2nd place: R. x mucronatum 'Lilacinum’, Ivor Stokes
3rd place: Unknown, Pat Bucknell
Highly Commended: R. 'Artistic Meg’,Rosemary Legrand
Commended: R. 'Dayspring’, Polly Cooke

Class 5

Class 6: A camellia, species or hybrid, bloom or spray:
1st place: C. ‘Royal Velvet’, Jim Stephens
2nd place: C. x williamsii 'Debbie' AGM, Jim Stephens
3rd place: C. 'Dr Clifford Parks' AGM, Caroline Bell
Highly Commended: C. japonica 'San Dimas' AGM, Stephen Lyus
Commended: C. japonica 'Black Lace' AGM, Polly Cooke

Class 6

Class 7: A magnolia species or hybrid, bloom or spray:
1st place: M. 'Caerhays Surprise' AGM, Pat Bucknell
2nd place: Mx wieseneri, Pat Bucknell
3rd place: M. martinii, John Marston
Highly Commended: M. liliiflora 'Nigra' AGM, Ivor Stokes
Commended: Mcampbellii ssp. mollicomata 'Lanarth’, Henny & Peter Shotter

Class 7

Class 2 and Centenary Cup winner