Photographic Competition - Results

The results from the seven Classes are:

Class 1: A hardy species rhododendron, truss or spray:  
1st place: R. keysii 0159 Alan Pedrick
2nd place: R. praestans 0081 Mark Bobin
3rd place: R. multiflorum var. purpureum (formerly Menziesia) 0582 Pam Hayward

R. keysii

R. keysii    0159

Class 2: A hardy hybrid rhododendron, truss or spray:
1st place and Centenary Cup 2021 winner: 'Fortune' 0245 Rod & Mary White
2nd place: 'Sappho' 0196 Mark Bobin
3rd place: 'Loderi Sir Joseph Hooker' 0315 Philip Eastell


'Fortune'    0245

Class 3: A tender species or hybrid rhododendron, grown under glass or otherwise, including vireyas, truss or spray:
1st Place: Labelled 'Cara Mia' (Vireya) 0146 Andy & Jenny Fly
2nd Place: R. loranthiflorum (Vireya) 0392 Andy & Jenny Fly
3rd Place: 'Robert Bates' (Vireya) 0240 Andy & Jenny Fly

Labelled 'Cara Mia' (Vireya)

Labelled 'Cara Mia' (Vireya)    0146

Class 4: A deciduous azalea, species or hybrid, spray:
1st place: 'Bartholo Lazzari' 0168 Andy and Jenny Fly
2nd place: 'Gibraltar' AGM 0346 Fiona Campbell
3rd place: R. schlippenbachii 0084 Mark Bobin

'Bartholo Lazzari'

'Bartholo Lazzari'    0168

Class 5: An evergreen azalea, species or hybrid, spray:
1st place: 'Aya kammuri' Wilson No 19 0265 Polly Cooke
2nd place: 'George Hyde' 0270 Polly Cooke
3rd place: 'Saotome' Wilson No 21 0293 Polly Cooke

'Aya kammuri' Wilson No 19

'Aya kammuri' Wilson No 19    0265

Class 6: A camellia, species or hybrid, bloom or spray:
1st place: C. 'Freedom Bell' 0232 Russell Beeson
2nd place: C. forrestii 0068 Glynne Jones
3rd place: C. japonica 'Adelina Patti' AGM 0442 Jim Stephens

C. 'Freedom Bell'

C. 'Freedom Bell'    0232

Class 7: A magnolia species or hybrid, bloom or spray:
1st place: M. sprengeri 0317 Philip Eastell
2nd place: M. 'White Caviar' 0363 John Marston
3rd place: M. tengchongensis 0364 Roger Clark

M. sprengeri

M. sprengeri    0317

THE CENTENARY CUP 2021 is awarded to Roderick & Mary WHITE with 'Fortune' 0245


'Fortune'    0245