The Centenary Cup Photographic Competition 2020


Photographs of your plants taken during 2020, up to and including 30th June are eligible To be Judged on or after 1st July 2020

Please send High Res image(s), one Class per email, not exceeding 15Mb to

Please label each photograph and include your initials after the name.

1. The Competition for the Centenary Cup 2020 consists of seven competitive classes:

  1. A hardy species rhododendron
  2. A hardy hybrid rhododendron
  3. A tender species or hybrid rhododendron, grown under glass or otherwise, (including vireyas)
  4. A deciduous azalea, species or hybrid
  5. An evergreen azalea, species or hybrid
  6. A camellia species or hybrid
  7. A magnolia species or hybrid

2. The winning entry for each class will be further judged, to establish the overall winner of The Centenary Cup

3. Exhibitors
The Competition is open to all Group members. The award will be for the best entry overall, regardless of how many entries an exhibitor has contributed to the competition.

4. Entries must be the property of the competitor – All entries in the competition must be the bona fide property of the competitor and must have been grown by him/her or his/her employees on land in his/her own occupation for at least the last six months before the competition.

Whilst entrants endeavour to be diligent in the identification and classification of their submissions and every reasonable effort has been extended to verify the entries, by virtue of the nature of this competition, errors will inevitably occur for which the RCMG cannot accept responsibility.

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Patron: HRH The Prince of Wales

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