The Rhododendron, Camellia & Magnolia Group

Three groups of plants – one group of enthusiasts worldwide

Membership Survey

Early in 2015 over a three month period we undertook a survey of our membership's views. 325 people responded which is over half of the membership which shows that the members care about the group and that the results reflect their views. The Management Committee will try to address the issues raised during the course of the next year.

You can download the three documents of the results of the survey by clicking on these links:-.
Analysis of multiple choice questions PDF download
Analysis of text comments PDF download
Actual text comments PDF download

Key points that emerged from the multiple choice questions were:-

  • Membership is old, male, have large gardens and been members for a long time.
  • 30% live outside UK so we need to look after them.
  • Most interest is in Rhododendrons then Magnolias then Camellias.
  • Conservation more important than Education or Research.
  • Most interest in Yearbook, Bulletins and Web site. I guess that is a reflection of our dispersed membership. Relatively low level of Seed-list interest.
  • The seed list is more important for overseas members than those in the UK.
  • Happy with subscription level.
  • Plant Information is key part of web site.

Across the text comments you can find a set of themes (in no particular order):-

  • There is a wide range of experience amongst members.
  • Members are helpful & friendly to one another.
  • The members are old and we need more youngsters.
  • The saga of the status with the RHS annoyed people.
  • There is a demand for more basic information about growing our genera.
  • We should have more scientific papers/information.
  • We concentrate too much on species. We concentrate too much on hybrids.
  • We need a much larger number of branches.
  • We need more detailed information about each of the plants on our web site.
  • We should do more of everything.