Rhododendron densifolium - First flowering in cultivation

Challenged into action by the statement in the recent monograph Rhododendrons of Subgenus Vireya by Dr. George Argent, that ‘rhododendron densifolium was not known to have flowered in cultivation’, Eric Annal’s plant has made it into the rhododendron history book of records by flowering on 6th October 2006!

Diminutive and dainty, with neat foliage of beautiful dark green, rhododendron densifolium sports perky golden flowers of similar character to other members of Section Pseudovireya. In its native habitat of SE Yunnan, Malipo and Xichou, it grows terrestrially and favours mossy locations on the forest floor or, by contrast, exposed sites on mountain ridges. Eric’s plant however, is growing happily in artificial conditions – his greenhouse in Edinburgh where it is kept frost-free and in controlled humidity.

Photographs © Lynsey Muir, RBGE.
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