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Magnolia denudata (Yulan - Jade Orchid)
Section Yulania
Syn: Yulan, Lily Tree,
M. heptapeta, M. conspicua
Epithet: naked.
Hexaploid (2n=114)
AM 1926 Borde Hill to the clone 'Purple Eye', FCC 1968,
AGM (1936, 1993) 2012
A large arborescent shrub or small tree to 12m/10m in cultivation after c.100 years. (15m reported in China).
10 year height/spread: 3m/4m
Flowers: usually 9 tepals 7-8.5cm long, very occasionally up to 12. Precocious and almost always erect and chalice shaped, but sometimes opening out before falling. Usually close to white, with or without a purple basal stain or green basal shading externally.
It seems likely that the colour of the species can range from pink (e.g. 'Forrest's Pink') through to pure white, ivory and pale yellow (e.g. 'Yellow River'): seedlings of all these colours are widely planted in China, but some may be hybrids.
Lemon scented: March/April.
Foliage: obovate-elliptic or obovate-oblong leaves to 6.5-15cm long, 4.6-11.2cm wide, apex sharply acuminate or occasionally rounded or emarginate. Dark green and sometimes reticulate above, slightly pubescent on the main veins, lighter below, puberelent along the veins. Petiole tomentose.
Introduced to England: 1780 by Sir Joseph Banks
Distribution: Eastern China: Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi and Zhejiang, but cultivated all over the country and in Japan.
Recognise by: the elegantly poised usually close to white flowers with 9 tepals on the naked branches in early spring. Silvery grey or yellowish hairy perules on the flower and growth buds; the leaf size. Difficult to distinguish from some
soulangeana hybrids out of flower.
Seedlings flower after about 10-16 years. Grafts much younger at about 1.5m.
Cultivated in China and Japan for at least 1300 years.
Difficult to root, so less available than
soulangeana cultivars. This is a pity as it is superior to many in flower, growth habit, and poise. Suitable for small gardens. Should be in every collection.
Typical form at Nymans, Sussex
Photo: Mike Robinson
M.denudata Fei Huang
'Fei Huang' (Yellow River) at Hindleap in March 2002
Photo: Mike Robinson
M.denudata Dan Xin
Dan Xin (Fragrant Cloud) at Herkenrode, Belgium
Photo: Philippe de Spoelberch
M.denudata Yellow Form
'Yellow Form' at Kunming Botanic Garden
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Location: West Dorset
Photo: Roger Newton
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Source: Arboretum Wespelaar
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Location: Wisley
Source: Arboretum Wespelaar
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Location: SE Queensland, Australia
Photo: Roy Bilbie
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