Membership benefits

As a Member you can enjoy:

Group Tours
Tours are organised in the UK and in mainland Europe where there are many interesting developments.

They include visits to famous gardens and collections as well as members' private gardens or to gardens that are not normally open to the public in the company of like minded and friendly enthusiasts.

We collaborate with the RHS to help them mount some of their regional Spring shows and also organise additional shows for Members with competitive classes and prizes and with special categories for beginners to try their hand.

In addition we have an annual Centennary Cup competition which usually coincides with our A.G.M.

Branch meetings
Meet like-minded enthusiasts - whether you are a complete beginner and would like to learn more or are already experienced. 

You can meet in an informal and relaxed atmosphere to hear talks and discussions on subjects such as exploration, cultivation and new introductions and to exchange plants. Garden visits are also arranged regularly by the branches.

a programme of inspiring and wide ranging online talks in our ‘Expeditions’ and ‘Plant Passions’ series. The talks are announced here where you can also view previous talks.

We also have a series of regular interesting and informative short video ‘Snippets’ by gardeners and plants people which you can find on our YouTube Channel.

A three times a year newsletter in full colour, with news of events, plants and people, both national and international.

Normally 12 or 16 fascinating pages in Spring, Summer & Autumn.

An annual publication since 1946. In full colour, typically around 160 pages, which is justly renowned and alone worth the subscription.

The Yearbook contains articles that are practical, horticultural or botanical, on species, hybrids, gardens, cultivation, propagation, taxonomy, exploration and history. Keeping pace with current developments, it is unique in its focus on all three genera.

Back issues are available.

Seed distribution
One of the most sought after benefits exclusive to Members, this is a unique annual offer of unusual and desirable seeds including many rare species collected in the wild.

Please note that there are difficulties in supplying seed to some countries, see here.

Membership Subscriptions
For details of current subscription rates and an Application Form, please click here.