Augusto Pinto

Camellia japonica 'Augusto Leal de Gouveia Pinto'
Habit is open and upright, slow growing.
Flowers: 12-14cm, fully imbricated formal double, with each petal bordered white. The base colour varies from
carmine-red to deep lavender, with more blue tints in clay soils, especially in warm climates and as blooms age.
Mid to late.
Foliage: 12 x 6.5cm, with shallow serration, rather matt mid-green.
Considered by many to be the most striking camellia, it is a form of 'Grand Sultan'.

Location: Outdoors at Tregrehan
Photo: George Hargreaves

Location: Indoors at Tregrehan
Photo: George Hargreaves

Photo: George Hargreaves