Francie L AGM

Camellia 'Francie L'
C.saluenensis 'Apple Blossom' x
C.reticulata 'Bhudda'
Nuccio, California, 1964
AM 1972, AGM (2002) 2012
Fast growing upright habit and rangy, spreading in time.
Flowers: very large (to 15cm) semi-double rose pink flowers with wavy edges and prominent stamens.
Early to mid, flowering over a long period.
Foliage: on all but old plants the leaves have a distinctive thickened rather matt narrow elongated
and markedly acuminate form. Older plants start to develop 'normal' shiny reticulata type leaves.
Ideal for training on a wall.

Photos: Jim Stephens

Photo: Mike Robinson
Early Camellia Competition, Vincent Square March 2004