Guilio Nuccio AGM

Camellia japonica 'Guilio Nuccio'
Seedling of 'Mermaid'
Nuccio, California 1955
AM 1962, AGM (1993, 2002) 2012
Vigorous upright habit, with weeping foliage.
Flowers: very large (to 15cm) semi-double; rich deep coral pink.
Foliage: long deeply toothed medium green glossy curled leaves, sometimes fish tailed (as in C.'Mermaid').
Early to mid season.
Very floriferous; the blooms are smaller on small plants, but as the plant matures the wonderful
velvety blooms become outstandingly lush and large. Winner of many international awards, and
considered by many the finest form of C.japonica raised.

Photos: Jim Stephens