J.C. Williams AGM

Camellia x williamsii 'J.C. Williams'
C.saluenensis x C.japonica
J.C. Williams, Caerhays, Cornwall c.1940
FCC 1942, AMT 1977, AGM (1993, 2002) 2012
Vigorous and upright though slow to start,
spreading later with somewhat loose growth.
Flowers: medium to large (to 10cm) single phlox pink; slightly cup shaped.
Early to late.
Foliage: smallish, mid green and semi-matt.
Very floriferous. One of the first batch of williamsii's, and
still one of the most beautiful of all camellias. There are many seedlings sold under this name, and care should be taken to get the
real thing.

Hillier Arboretum, 19 Feb.2004
Photo: Mike Robinson

Caerhays Castle April 2008
Photo: Stephen Lyus

Photo: Glynne Jones