Jury's Yellow AGM

Camellia x williamsii 'Jury's Yellow'
(C.saluenensis x C.japonica 'Daikaguru') x
C.japonica 'Gwenneth Morey'
Les Jury, New Zealand 1976
AGM (2002) 2012
Compact habit, eventually slow growing. Dense upright habit.
Flowers: anemone form; medium, white petals surround a large boss of semi-petaloid yellow stamens;
yellow colour is diffused by the white petals.
Mid to late.
Foliage: smallish, mid green and semi-matt.
Three quarters C.japonica, so tends to hold on to its spent flowers.
Perhaps the most weatherproof of the hardy 'yellows', but does stain in wet weather so needs a good site.