Water Lily AGM

Camellia x williamsii 'Water Lily'
C.saluenensis x C.japonica 'K.Sawada'
Felix Jury, New Zealand 1967
AGM (1993, 2002) 2012
Very vigorous upright growth.
Flowers: a totally reliable formal double in UK conditions. Pink with slight mauve shades, with
deeper pink towards the centre of the flower, and incurved petals which are deeper on the reverse.
Has a very long flowering season - early to late!
Foliage: medium sized, mid green and semi-matt.
Incredibly floriferous and quite wind proof, but the flowers are much smaller and are not
produced reliably in the north of the UK. Will reach 2 metres in height in a few years, but can
be pruned. A superb double for outdoors in the southern UK. In hotter climates the petals curve
inwards at the margins.