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Caerhays Belle AGM

Magnolia 'Caerhays Belle'
M. sargentiana var.
robusta x
M. sprengeri var.
sprengeri 'Diva'
AGM 2012
Small to medium sized tree
Flowers: large rich salmon-pink cup-shaped flowers to 30cm wide in great profusion in March. The 12 heavily textured
broad tepals are spoon-shaped, the tips of the inner ones are curved upwards, highlighting the deeper colour of the
outside of the tepal.
Generally this is one of the first magnolias to show colour in February or March.
History: This was a deliberate cross carried out by Charles Michael, the head gardener of Caerhays Castle in 1951.
It takes its name from Belle Blandford who lived in the stable flat at Caerhays which overlooks the plant.
It flowered for the first time in 1965; however, young grafted plants produce flowers in less than 5 years.
It fruits freely, producing decorative pink-coloures seed cones up to 20 cm long.
The flowers are huge and salmon-pink in colour.

Location: Caerhays Castle, 2009
Photo: Stephen Lyus

Location: Caerhays Castle 2009
Photo: Egbert Talsma

Location: West Dorset
Photo: Roger Newton

Location: New South Wales, Australia
Photo: Roy Bilbie