Magnolias Plant Directory


Magnolia 'Pinkie'
liliiflora 'Reflorescens' x
stellata 'Rosea'
Kosar, US National Arboretum, Washington DC, 1956
(AGM 1993, 2002, removed 2012)
5m by 4m
10 year height/spread: 3.5m/4m
Upright but not pointed buds, red purple at the base and lighter towards the apex, open to cup
shaped flowers with 8-10 medium pink obovate tepals, almost white inside, opening to 10cm
across before falling; scented: mid May, recurrent into July.
Foliage: broadly elliptic shining leaves resembling
liliiflora, and averaging 15cm by 7.5cm, with
brown tomentose petioles.
Recognise by: the resemblance of the foliage to liliiflora
with the cup shaped flowers with 8-10 tepals over a long period.
Easy to root and grow. Flowers in 6 years from seed. Suitable for small gardens.

Location: Hindleap, Sussex, 14th June 1986
Photo: Mike Robinson