Magnolias Plant Directory

Susan AGM

Magnolia 'Susan'
liliiflora 'Nigra' x
stellata 'Rosea'
Kosar, US National Arboretum, Washington DC, 1956
AGM (1993, 2002) 2012
3m by 2m
10 year height/spread: 1.8m/1m
Upright mauve-purple sickle shaped buds open to flowers with 6 twisted tepals mauve-purple on
both surfaces though paler within, opening to 15cm across.
Late April
Foliage: ovate reticulate glabrous leaves up to 14cm by 7.5cm.
Recognise by: the compact growth, ovate leaves and the deeply coloured flowers with 6 tepals.
Very floriferous. Easy to root and grow, and widely available. Flowers in 6 years from seed.
Especially suitable for small gardens.

Location: Ellerhoop-Thiensen Arboretum, Germany
Photo: Kristian Theqvist

Location: Dorset
Photo: Russell Beeson