Magnolias Plant Directory

grandiflora Exmouth

Magnolia grandiflora 'Exmouth'
Section Theorodon
Epithet: with large flowers.
Hexaploid (2n=114)
Am 1931 to the clone 'Goliath', (AGM 1969, 1993, removed 2012)
to this clone.
A large tree to 20m.
10 year height/spread: 4m/2m.
Flowers: 9-12 tepals about 12cm long and up to 9cm wide,very pale yellowish white with purple
filaments, opening out to a champagne glass shape up to 30cm across; very occasionally has double
flowers later in the season - up to 24 tepals.
Foliage: evergreen shining and mid to dark green above, felted but becoming almost glabrous with a
few yellowish hairs below. Lanceolate.
Introduced to England: before 1732 (the species),this clone 1768.
Distribution: SE United States: North Carolina, south to Florida and west to E. Texas and
Arkansas (the species).
Recognise by: the species is unmistakable. This clone has lanceolate recurved leaves, almost
glabrous below when mature. When not grown against a wall 'Exmouth' is upright and fast growing
when young. This clone flowers reliably and young at about 1.5m.

Location: Burleigh Arches, Sussex, Sept. 1986
Photo: Mike Robinson