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sprengeri var. diva Diva

Magnolia sprengeri var. diva
FCC Upcher 1964
Distribution: Hubei
Height: 12m
10 year height/spread: 6m/6m
Flowers: pink, to 21 cm diameter
History: discovered 1910? by Wilson.
Introduced 1910 by Wilson (W688),a seed number containing three types of Magnolia.
First flowered at Caerhays after 19 years in about 1925, but has unfortunately recently died. The Caerhays tree still appears to have been the only one of wild origin seen in cultivation.
Recognise by: an erect but widely spreading tree. Nodding flowers with 12-14 tepals
which may reflex on one side, or may remain erect. Only grafted plants should bear the full
name. They should flower at a height of 2m.

Location: Trengwainton, Cornwall, April 1986
Photo: Mike Robinson

Location: Barnstaple
Photo: John Marston

Location: Westonbirt
Photo: George Hargreaves