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Magnolia x wieseneri
M. hypoleuca x M.
Syn: M. watsonii
It becomes a small tree.
Flowers: Rounded white buds open to creamy white, 15 cm, flowers with prominent rosy crimson stamens.
The upward facing flowers open in June-July.
Perhaps the most strongly scented of all Magnolias.
It was introduced into Britain when a plant was purchased from the International Paris Expo in 1889 by RBG, Kew.

Photo: Robin Whiting

Location: Annes Grove, Eire 2007
Photo: Stephen Lyus

Location: Northants
Photo: Giles Reed

Location: Fota Arboretum, Cork 2007
Photo: Stephen Lyus

Location: Bellevue, Normandie, France
Photo: Koen Camelbeke

Photo: Bryan Roebuck

Photo: Glynne Jones

Photo: Glynne Jones