Addy Wery

Rhododendron 'Addy Wery'
(Evergreen Azalea)
Kurume Azalea, Ouden 1940
R.'Malvatica' x R.'Flame' ('Suetsumu' Wilson 34)
It is doubtful if the 'Malvatica' parent was the original 19th century introduction to Boskoop from Japan, as this may have been lost to cultivation by 1920.
Probably includes R.kaempferi, R.kiusianum and R.sataense.
AMT 1950, AGM (1993) 2002
Compact upright habit; slow growing
Flowers: to 4.5cm, single; deep vermilion red with a dull orange blotch.
Early: April/May
Foliage: typical ciliate matt leaves
The H3/4 designation is because of imperfect hardening of the wood in the average English summer.
Hardier in a sunny position.
Suitable for small gardens. Very widely grown.