Rhododendron 'Annabella'

Hybrid deciduous azalea

Parentage unknown

Knap Hill Azalea, Exbury

AGM (1993) 2002


A shrub 2.5-4.0 × 1.8-2.0m in 10 years

Flowers: Well-formed tight trusses of up to 30 large, single, tubular funnel-shaped flowers; flowers can be up to 75mm wide; orange and yellow in bud, opening to golden yellow overlaid with orange rose tones


Scented:  very fragrant

Foliage: Leaves are bronzed. Deciduous; good autumn leaf colour

Other Information: Needs moist soil and partial shade; at the edge of a woodland planting is ideal. May need thinning once fully established. Limited commercially availability


Photo: Jim Inskip Archive