Rhododendron 'Anneke'
Deciduous azalea
"Pratt Hybrid" 1985
parentage unknown
Syn: 'Gold N'
Epithet: after Fred de Jong's daughter
Flowers: 9/truss, tubular funnel-shaped, 65-70 × 80-100mm, 5-lobed, brilliant to light yellow (14C-D),darker on tube externally, with dorsal spotting of vivid yellow (14A). Calyx 1-2mm long, green.
Foliage: elliptic to broadly elliptic, 80 × 35mm, pale green, slightly shiny and glandular hairy above.
It was selected at Ness by Fred de Jong, a well known Dutch Nurseryman, but registered by Denny Pratt.

Location: Ness

Location: Ness