Beauty of Littleworth

Rhododendron 'Beauty of Littleworth'
Syn: 'Littleworth Beauty'
griffithianum hybrid
Raised before 1884.
FCC 1904; FCC 1953; AGM
Flowers: 13-18 in a loose domed truss, funnel-campanulate, 65-75 x 100-115mm, 5-lobed, mauvish pink in bud, opening white,
tinged deep purplish pink on edges, later fading to leave only traces in sinuses, copiously spotted deep purplish red.
Calyx lobes up to 8mm long, slightly irregular, red.
Mid-April - Mid-May
Foliage: elliptic, up to 200 x 80mm, mid green and dull to slightly shiny above, with minute, pale brown hairs below,
sufficient to give a brownish-green tinge to the naked eye.
Shrub 2.0m in 10 years.

Location: Ramster 2008
Photo: Miranda Gunn