Berryrose AGM

Rhododendron 'Berryrose'

Hybrid deciduous azalea

Parentage unknown

Knaphill azalea, Exbury

AM 1934; AGM (1993, 2002) 2012


1.5-1.8m in 10 years, eventually reaching 3m

Flowers: Compact trusses of about 10, large, single flowers. Flowers are up to 100mm wide; deep pink with a vivid yellow blotch spotted with vivid orange



Foliage: Young growth very hairy and with bronze tones. Deciduous, good autumn leaf colour

Other Information: Hybridised by Lionel de Rothschild before 1934. Easy to grow; needs some sun. Commercially available

Photo: Chris Callard

Photo: Glynne Jones