Rhododendron 'Corneille'

Hybrid deciduous azalea

Parentage unknown

Rustica hybrid raised by L de Smet before 1900

AMT 1958, AGM (1969) 2002 withdrawn 2012


A shrub growing 1.2–1.6m in 10 years

Flowers: Compact, domed trusses of 8-10 funnel-shaped, hose-in-hose flowers. Flowers are about 40mm long × 40mm wide; inner corolla pale rose, outer corolla blush rose

Late May–June

Not scented

Foliage: Leaves are 45-50mm long × 20mm wide; mid green. Good autumn leaf colour. Deciduous

Other information: Introduced by C. Vuylsteke in 1900. Rustica hybrids are a part of the Hardy Ghents

Easy to grow, needs some sun to thrive. Commercially available


Photo: Philippe de Spoelberch

Location: West Sussex

Photo: Andy and Jenny Fly

Photo: Jim Inskip Archive