Countess of Haddington

Rhododendron 'Countess of Haddington'
ciliatum x dalhousiae var. dalhousiae
J. Parker 1862
FCC 1862, (AGM 1993 removed 2012)
3m by 2m?
10 year height/spread: 1.5m/1.5m
Flowers: lax trusses of 2-6 pink buds open to
white funnel shaped flowers flushed rose. Scented.
Recognise by: hairy edged slightly rugose leaves.
scaly and somewhat glaucous below; the pink
tinged flowers are definitive.
The plant is probably hardy throughout the UK, but
it is bud tender in most parts of the country.
Nevertheless it is worth trying in a sheltered spot
which does not warm up too quickly in Spring,
such as a north wall. Leggy growth habit when
grown inside, but responds well to hard pruning.
Very floriferous.

Trengwainton, Cornwall
Photo: Mike Robinson

Photo: Russell Beeson
Location: Dorset

Location: South Africa
Photo: Barbara Knox-Shaw