Dr. M. Oosthoek

Rhododendron 'Doctor M. Oosthoek'

Hybrid deciduous azalea

R. molle ssp. molle× R. molle ssp. japonicum

Mollis hybrid: P. van Oosthoek 1920

Syn: ‘Mrs van Krugten’, ‘Mevrouw van Krugten’

AM 1920, AMT 1940, AGM (1969) 2002


A bushy shrub 1-1.5m in 10 years, ultimately growing to 2-4m

Flowers: Trusses of 9-15 open funnel-shaped, single flowers. Flowers are 50-75mm wide, vivid reddish orange with a lighter blotch

Early May

Slightly scented

Foliage: Dark green leaves are elliptic, 75-90mm long. Good autumn leaf colour; deciduous

Other Information: Best grown in light shade. Commercially available