Fireball AGM

Rhododendron 'Fireball'

Hybrid deciduous azalea

‘Scarlet Pimpernel’ × ‘Favor Major’

Knap Hill Azalea, Exbury 1951

AGM (2002) 2012


A shrub growing up to 1.8m in 10 years

Flowers: Tight trusses of about 10 large deep orange-red flowers


Not scented

Foliage: Young growth deep coppery red, maturing to green but with the red tinges persisting. Good autumn leaf colour; deciduous

Other Information: Easy to grow. Commercially available

Photo: Seamus O'Brien

Photo: Philippe de Spoelberch

Location: Surrey

Photo: Polly Cooke

Autumn leaf colour

Location: Surrey

Photo: Polly Cooke