Gardenia Odyssey

Rhododendron 'Gardenia Odyssey'
Parentage unknown
Believed to have originated from wild collected material and for a long time considered to be the species R. gardenia.
All hybrids listed with R. gardenia in their parentage are referable to this cultivar, as the true species is of extremely limited distribution in cultivation and not known to have been used in hybridizing to date.
Flowers: 8-26/flat to globose truss, campanulate, 90x90mm, with 5 wavy-edged lobes, buds green, opening inside light yellow with pale orange-yellow lobes; outside light yellow at base of tube, moderate yellowish pink at top of tube; pleasantly scented.
Apr-Aug (at least).
Foliage: elliptic, 130-190 x 50-80mm, scaly.
Shrub 2.0 x 1.0m in 8 years.

Photo: Eric Annal
Location: Edinburgh