Helene Schiffner

Rhododendron 'Helene Schiffner'
Syn: 'Helen Schiffner'
arboreum hybrid
FCC 1893; (AGM removed 2012)
Flowers: c14/hemispherical truss, broadly funnel-shaped, 40-45 x 50mm, mauve in bud, opening to pure white,
more-or-less un-marked or with an inconspicuous ray of brown markings; filaments white.
Calyx very small, glandular.
Mid-April - Mid-May
Foliage:lanceolate to oblanceolate, c100 x 30-40mm, dark green above, with a very thin, scattered, brown felt below.
Shrub c1.2m or more.

Location: Ramster 2008
Photo: Miranda Gunn