Hinomayo AGM

Rhododendron 'Hinomayo'

Evergreen azalea hybrid

Parentage unknown

Japan before 1910

AM 1921, FCC 1945, AGM (1954, 2002) 2012


A low growing shrub with a spreading habit, reaching 0.5m or more in height in 10 years

Flowers: Flowers are 30mm wide; soft, pale pink or phlox pink; slight spotting in the throat


Not scented

Foliage: Leaves may be deciduous in very cold winters but normally evergreen

Other Information: An evergreen azalea selection from the Obtusum Group. A Kurume azalea recorded as growing in the garden of the Emperor of Japan in 1910. Not quite as hardy as some Kurume azaleas and best planted with some shelter. Easy to grow; commercially available

Location: Wales

Photo: Liz O'Neill

Photo: Philippe de Spoelberch

Location: Wales

Photo: Liz O'Neill

Location: Wales

Photo: Liz O'Neill