Hinomayo AGM

Rhododendron (Obtusum Group) 'Hinomayo'
(Evergreen Azalea)
Kurume Azalea, introduced by van Nes, Boskoop from Japan 1910
Parentage unknown
Probably includes R.kaempferi, R.kiusianum and R.sataense
AM 1921, FCCT 1945, AGM (1954, 2002) 2012
Semi-dwarf spreading habit; dense growth.
10 year height/spread: 120cm/120cm.
Flowers: to 4.5cm but usually smaller, single; bright clear pink.
Foliage: pale green matt leaves; may be deciduous in cold winters.
Incredibly floriferous year on year, and justly one of the most popular varieties.
Suitable for small gardens.

Photo: Philippe de Spoelberch

Photo: Liz O'Neill