Rhododendron 'Hotei'
Goldsworth Orange x (soulei x wardii var. wardii )
(so dichroanthum ssp. dichroanthum, fortunei
ssp. discolor, soulei and wardii)
Waterer before 1900
AMT 1906, (AGM 1993 removed 2012)
1m by 1.5m
10 year height/spread: 0.8m/1m
Flowers: trusses of about 10 of perhaps the
deepest yellow of any elepidote rhododendron,
and with a prominent calyx.
Compact growth except in shade, narrowly elliptic mid green leaves.
Recognise by: the unique flower colour and the tight flat growth habit.
A shy flowerer when young, but a wonderful colour. Not one of the
easiest plants to grow well. Dislikes full sun and needs very good drainage.

Location: Wisley
Photo: Everard Daniel

Photo: John Archer