Lady Clementine Mitford AGM

Rhododendron 'Lady Clementine Mitford'
maximum hybrid
Syn: 'Lady Clementina Mitford', 'Lady Mitford'
HC 1970, AM 1971, AGM 2012
Flowers: 16-18/compact truss, broadly funnel-shaped, 45 x 70-80mm, peach pink, shading to white and blush
in centre of lobes, with a V-shaped flare of brownish or green markings (redder towards edge of flare);
style and filaments white, anthers pinkish. Calyx lobes shallow.
Early June
Foliage: lanceolate to lanceolate-obovate, up to 135 x 40mm, deep shiny green above, finely tomentose when young, hairless at maturity.
Large shrub.

Location: Ramster 2008
Photo: Miranda Gunn