Loderi Pink Diamond AGM

Rhododendron 'Loderi Pink Diamond'
fortunei ssp. fortunei x griffithianum
Loder 1901
FCC 1914, AGM (1993) 2012
5m by 8m
10 year height/spread: 2m/2.5m
Flowers: enormous somewhat floppy trusses of
about 12 pink buds open to very large blush pink
flowers with red and green spots (sometimes faint,
sometimes more obvious) in the throat. Very
Elliptic glabrous mid green foliage more similar to
griffithianum but with purple petioles.
Recognise by: the petioles; the truss and flower
size and colour and the far reaching fragrance.
Needs grafting. There are deeper pink forms of
Loderi. Will tolerate cutting back.
Except possibly for 'King George' and 'Venus',
the clones of Loderi have become very mixed up
in commerce.

Location: Leonardslee