Mother's Day AGM

Rhododendron 'Mother's Day'
(Evergreen Azalea)
Van Hecke, Belgium 1932
Kurume hybrid: 'Prof.Wolters' (R.simsii hybrid) x 'Hinode Giri' ('Red Hussar' Wilson 42)
Probably includes R.kaempferi, R.kiusianum, R.sataense and R.simsii
AMT 1959, FCCT 1970, AGM (1969, 2002) 2012
Slow growing mounding habit.
Flowers: large (to 6.5cm) hose in hose to semi-double; vivid red with faint brown spotting.
Foliage: fairly large deep shining green leaves, bronze in winter.
A rightly very popular semi-double red, especially as it usually flowers for Mother's Day.
Suitable for small gardens.

Photo: Millais Nurseries