Mrs. Tom H. Lowinsky AGM

Rhododendron 'Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky'
Considered to derive from
ponticum, maximum and
Syn: 'Mrs. Tom H. Lowinsky'
AM 1919; AGM 2012
Flowers: c14/dense truss, funnel-shaped, 75mm wide, dorsal lobes broadly overlapping, mauve in bud,
tinged mauve at first on opening but fading to white (occasionally retaining a mauve flush to maturity),
dorsal lobe with a very large and conspicuous orange-brown blotch.
Foliage: broadly elliptic to slightly obovate, to 115 x 50mm, dark green.
Shrub 1.5m in 10 years.

Photo: Maurice Foster

Photo: Margarette Muntus

Photo: John Weagle

Photo: Philippe de Spoelberch

Photo: George Hargreaves