Nancy Evans AGM

Rhododendron 'Nancy Evans'
Hotei x Lem's Cameo
(so griffithianum, dichroanthum
ssp. dichroanthum, decorum, fortunei ssp.
discolor, soulei, wardii ssp.
wardii, unknown and
arboreum ssp. arboreum).
Brockenborough 1983
AGM (2002) 2012
1m by 1.5m
10 year height/spread: 0.7m/1m
Flowers: full trusses of about 18 orange buds open to amber yellow hose in hose flowers with orange
shades to 6cm across.
Bronze young growth turning to deep green medium sized leaves. Dense growth on a low
growing plant.
Recognise by: the low growth but mainly the distinctive flowers.
Very attractive flowers and habit. Free flowering, disease free, and easy to grow, through needs
some fertiliser. A superb deep yellow.

Hindleap Lodge, Sussex, May 2001
Photo: Mike Robinson

Location: Trompenburg arboretum, Rotterdam
Photo: Egbert Talesma

Location: Morbihan, France
Photo: Jean-Francois Saint Jalm