P.J. Mezitt

Rhododendron 'P.J. Mezitt'
('Peter John Mezitt', 'PJM')
minus var. minus Carolinianum x dauricum
Mezitt 1959
PJM grex
AM 1972, AGM 1993
2m by 1.5m
10 year height/spread: 1m/1m
Flowers: trusses of about 4 (can be up to 9) deep
rosy purple widely campanulate flowers up to 5cm
across with white anthers.
Small elliptic aromatic evergreen leaves (to 7cm
long),slightly scaly underneath, turn mahogany in
Recognise by: the upright but compact growth
habit, the deep red winter foliage colour, the
aromatic foliage; the rosy purple flowers (AGM
Other clones with differing colours in the 'PJM'
group are available. Easy to root and grow, and
free flowering from an early age. It has a tendency
to phytopthera, and sites where this is a problem
should be avoided. One of the hardiest of all

Valley Gardens, Windsor