Purple Splendour

Rhododendron 'Purple Splendour'
ponticum hybrid
AM 1931, (AGM 1993 removed 2012)
Flowers: c15/truss, broadly funnel-shaped, 50 x 70-80mm, purplish blue, with a ray of black markings on a purplish brown ground.
Calyx small.
Mid-May - Mid-June
Foliage: elliptic, 80-100 x 30-35mm, deep green above.
10 year height/spread: 1.5m/1.5m
Recognise by: unmistakable in flower, and has small leaves growing out of the base of the flower buds.
It is rare to see well grown large plants.
Susceptible to root problems and mildew, but still the most striking dark purple.

Location: Ramster 2008
Photo: Miranda Gunn