Saint Merryn AGM

Rhododendron 'Saint Merryn'
St.Tudy x impeditum
(so impeditum and augustinii ssp. augustinii)
Tremeer 1971
AM 1970, FCC 1973, AMT 1983, FCCT 1986, AGM (1993 2002) 2012
0.8m by 1.6m
10 year height/spread: 0.4m/0.8m
Flowers: clusters of 2 to 4 aster violet flowers to 2.5cm across.
Dark glossy pointed leaves to 2.5cm on a compact plant twice as wide as tall.
Recognise by: the glossy pointed leaves about 2.5cm long; the growth habit; the flowers.
Easy to root and very floriferous from a young plant. One of the best semi dwarf blues for almost
any situation in the UK.

Photo: Ralph Carpenter