Spek's Orange

Rhododendron 'Spek's Orange'
(deciduous Azalea)
Mollis hybrid; Spek c.1948
A Mollis azalea x
(R.molle x R.molle ssp.japonicum)
AMT 1948, FCCT 1953, AGM 2002
Compact growth.
10 year height/spread: 1.3m/1.3m
Flowers: trusses of 8-12 large (to 10cm) flowers;
deep orange buds open slightly paler, the upper
petals being darker, with a deeper orange blotch,
and yellow anthers.
Mid May (later than most Mollis azaleas).
Foliage: downy soft and veined.
RHS Plantfinder
One of the brightest coloured Mollis azaleas; the
flowers are quite striking.