The Master

Rhododendron 'The Master'
China x Letty Edwards?
(so fortunei ssp. fortunei, campylocarpum ssp.
campylocarpum and 'Wightii')?
If the parentage is correct, which is in doubt, the
'Wightii' used will have been the original
introduction which is probably a hybrid of wightii
and falconeri.
Slocock 1948
AMT 1964, (AGM 1993 removed 2012)
6m by 8m
10 year height/spread: 2m/2.5m
Flowers: very large full trusses of about 12 unfading
rose pink flowers, paler with deep rose spotting
forming a blotch in the throat.
A plant on a large scale. Tall vigorous and open,
with matt dark fortunei type leaves up to 25cm
Recognise by: the large leaves; the growth habit;
the flowers. Not easy to identify out of flower.
Not easy to root. An impressive plant in flower.


Bowood House