Tropical Salad

Rhododendron 'Tropical Salad'

Hybrid deciduous azalea

Parentage unknown

A Pratt Hybrid


Shrub 1.2 × 1.5m in 10 years

Flowers: Domed trusses of 9-10 tubular funnel-shaped, single flowers. Flowers are 30mm long × 70mm wide, with a very wavy-edged dorsal lobe; buds deep yellowish pink, opening inside to strong pink fading to strong purplish pink outside, deep purplish pink, fading to strong purplish pink; dorsal lobe prominent, brilliant orange-yellow, fading to strong orange-yellow; stamens prominently exserted, 80mm long, filaments pale pink, anthers pale yellow; style pink; stigma bright green; calyx 4mm long, light green

Late June

Slightly scented

Foliage: Leaves are 60mm long × 20mm wide; elliptic; margins wavy, glossy green above, acute at base and apex. Deciduous

Other information: Selected in about 2000 by E.G. Millais as an un-numbered plant from a planting of Denny Pratt azaleas at Dunham Massey (National Trust, UK). Registered by David Millais in 2007

Easy to grow. An upright growing, late flowering deciduous azalea hybrid; performs best if grown in light shade. Commercially available

Location: Surrey

Photo: Polly Cooke

Location: Surrey

Photo: Polly Cooke

Location: Surrey

Photo: Polly Cooke