White Perfume

Rhododendron 'White Perfume'
Deciduous azalea
"Pratt Hybrid" pre 1996
parentage unknown
AM 1998
Flowers: c.13/truss, funnel-shaped, with a long narrow tube, 35 × 25mm, with 5 lobes, predominantly white, with a yellow and pink flush in bud and retaining some of the pink at the base of the tube; dorsal lobe with a brilliant yellow (11A) flare; covered externally with long, white, red-tipped glandular hairs; stamens 5, filaments white, anthers pale brown; style white, flushed pink, stigma greenish brown; both stamens and style protruding from the flower and both hairy at the base; ovary densely glandular hairy; strongly scented. Calyx with oblong lobes up to 8mm long, green. Pedicels strongly flushed red, glandular hairy.
Foliage: (at anthesis) elliptic to obovate, up to 45 × 15mm, acute at apex, cuneate at base, hairless above, margins ciliate, midrib hairy below; petioles very short.
Registered by Denny Pratt.

Source: Sandy Gap Plant Nursery