Rhododendron acrophilum
Vireya Subgenus:
Euvireya Section
Malesia Subsection
Epithet: summit loving (but not apt!).
Introduced into cultivation: in 1992.
Flowers: 3-5 per open umbel, shortly tubular-funnel-shaped, 15-30 x 40-55mm, usually bicoloured, orange and yellow,
tube 10-15 x 6-7 x 12-17mm. Winter flowers when the plants are in poor light can be pure yellow.
It flowers irregularly at least twice, at different times of the year, new buds being encouraged by prompt dead-heading.
Foliage: elliptic or slightly obovate, 25-50 x 10-20mm, 4-6 in tight to somewhat loose pseudowhorls, bright green.
Shrub to 1m, epiphyte.
Distribution (c1725m):
Philippines: Palawayan: Mt. Mantalingahan, Brooke's Point.
It has proved to be a really good horticultural plant, with its compact habit, bright green leaves and freely produced
usually bicoloured, orange and yellow flowers.