Rhododendron albrechtii
Sciadorhodion subsection
Epithet: after Dr M. Albrecht, Russian naval surgeon.
AM 1943 (Bodnant),FCC 1962 (Bodnant) to 'Michael McLaren', flowers purple with yellowish-green spots.
Height: 1 - 2.5m, a lax shrub.
Flowers: 2-5 flowered, rotate-campanulate, 23-35mm long, 35-50 mm across, red-purple, bright purplish-rose or deep rose, with olive-green spots.
Leaves: 36-90 x 13-40mm, deciduous, in clusters of 5 at the end of branchlets, obovate or oblong-obovate, both surfaces densely strigose.
Distribution: Japan 1,000 - 2,000m.

Location: Dorset
Photo: Robin Whiting