Rhododendron calostrotum ssp. calostrotum 'Gigha'
Saluenensia subsection
AM 1935 Nymans (the species),FCC 1971 Glendoick, AGM (1993) 2012 (to this clone)
Height: shrub 0.3-0.5m.
10 year height/spread: 0.2m/0.3m.
Flowers: trusses of 1-3 bright almost flat rosy red flowers with faint markings
up to 3cm across.
Introduced 1919 by Farrer and Cox
Distribution: Arunachal Pradesh, NE Burma, W.Yunnan 2500-3500m
Recognise by: very compact habit; non bristly nature; the flower colour (not
purple!); foliage to 2.2cm glaucous on the upper surface, densely scaly, with
young growth almost bluish white.
Epithet: 'with a beautiful covering'.
This is a superb clone of an unusual and attractive colour.

Photo: Maurice Foster