Rhododendron camtschaticum ssp. camtschaticum
Therorhodion subgenus
Distribution: Kamtschatica, N.Japan, Sakhalin through Kuriles, Aleutians to S.Alaska.
Flowers: 1-3 flowered, c 20mm long, 40 mm across, purpe to rose-purple, also red, pink or white,
pubescent outside, margins ciliate.
Foliage: obovate to spathulate, margins bristly, 16-50 x 8-25mm,
lower surface with soft hairs on the veins, deciduous.
Height: shrub to 0.3m
An excellent, very hardy plant for cool, northern climes such as N. Germany where it flourishes and
is commercially produced in large numbers. Although somewhat prone to frost damage, it grows well in E. Scotland
but further south and west it becomes harder to please.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo: Mikkel Jørgensen

Location: Turku Archipelago, Finland
Photo: Kristian Theqvist

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Photo: Jamie Ellison