Rhododendron concinnum Pseudoyanthinum Group
Triflora subsection
Epithet: neat (concinnum),like yanthinum (pseudoyanthinum).
AM 1951 (Wisley),AGM 2012
Height: 2-4m in cultivation
10 year height/spread: 2m / 2m
Flowers: deep purple in concinnum
through reddish purple to almost ruby
red in pseudoyanthinum (the AGM form).
April / May
Introduced: 1904 by Wilson from W.Szechuan as R.yanthinum.
Re-collected 1990 onwards.
Distribution: W.Szechuan, Hupei and Shensi, 1600-4500m.
Recognise by: flower colour, large yellow contiguous scales on the lower
leaf surface.
Very floriferous from a young age, with a striking attractive flower colour. One
of the hardiest Triflora.

Location: Ardanasaig, 1980
Photo: Ken Lowes

Photo: Koen Camelbeke
Location: Hemerijk

Photo: Kristian Theqvist
Location: Gothenburg Botanical Garden, Sweden

R. concinnum var. pseudoyanthinum
Photo: Kristian Theqvist
Location: Turku Archipelago, Finland

Photo: Koen Camelbeke
Location: Sichuan

Photo: Angela Brabin
Location: Wirral

Photo: Angela Brabin
Location: Wirral