Rhododendron crassifolium
Vireya Subgenus:
Euvireya Section
Euvireya Subsection
Epithet: thick leaves.
Introduced into cultivation: in 1967 when it was collected by Bill Burtt and Adam Martin.
Flowers: 8-20 per complete umbel, shortly funnel-shaped, 25-30 x 25-45mm, pink, red or more rarely orange or white,
tube 12-15 x 6-10 x 12-15mm.
Jan - Dec.
Foliage: elliptic or broadly elliptic, 80-140 x 40-80mm, 3-4 spirally arranged or in lax pseudowhirls.
Shrub to 2.5m, epiphyte in deep shade of mossy forest but also terrestrial on open landslides.
Distribution (1200-2200m):
Malaysia: (Borneo),Sabah, Kinabalu, Crocker Range.
Indonesia: Kalimantan (Borneo).
It has not been a particularly popular plant due to a sprawling habit when in a pot; however, if given space in a bed it will grow into a broad bush and it can look very attractive, flowering profusely at least once a year, usually in the northern spring.

Photo: Eric Annal
Location: Mt Alab

Photo: Eric Annal
Location: Edinburgh